📱🌐📋 wq: a modular framework supporting mobile / web geographic data collection applications for citizen science, crowdsourcing, and VGI. Powered by Django REST Framework, jQuery Mobile, Mustache, d3, and Leaflet.

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  • Created: Aug. 22, 2012
  • Last Release: Oct. 7, 2019
  • Last Commit: Oct. 7, 2019
by wq


wq is a modular framework for citizen science field data collection via offline-capable mobile web apps.

Getting Started

python3 -m venv venv
. venv/bin/activate
python3 -m pip install wq
wq start -d myproject.example.com myproject

See the documentation for more information. See https://github.com/wq/wq/issues to report any issues.


wq is made up of the following submodules, which are maintained as separate packages.

Module Github PyPI npm Description
wq.app wq/wq.app wq.app @wq/app A JavaScript+Python library for building robust offline-capable HTML5 data entry apps.
wq.core wq/wq.core wq.core wq command line interface.
wq.db wq/wq.db wq.db Django REST framework extension with design patterns for CRUD APIs.
wq.start wq/wq.start wq.start Project template and scaffolding tools.