Django + NPM (Create React App) template for building REST-ful web & hybrid apps with the wq framework.

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  • Created: May 13, 2013
  • Last Release: Oct. 7, 2019
  • Last Commit: Oct. 7, 2019
by wq

Django project template for wq framework

This is the recommended Django project template for projects utilizing the wq framework . It uses wq.app for the front end and wq.db as the backend component. This template is meant to be used together with wq.start . See wq's Getting Started docs for more information.

As of version 1.2, this template provides two alternatives for managing JavaScript dependencies ( @wq/app / wq.app ). The alternatives can be selected by passing the --with-npm or --without-npm arguments to the wq start command.

  • --with-npm : wq start will generate an app/ folder based on Create React App and install @wq/app from NPM.
  • --without-npm : wq start will generate an app/ folder with a RequireJS -compatible layout and use the AMD-format JavaScript libraries included in the wq.app PyPI package. (This was the default and only option in wq 1.1 and earlier.)


This project template is also useful as an example of how to build a web app with Create React App (or RequireJS ) and a Django REST Framework backend. It differs from the default Django and Create React App templates in a few key ways:

  • Most front end files are kept in the app/ folder, with the idea that they will be built with react-scripts (or RequireJS). This clean separation between the front end and backend components makes it easier to wrap the front end in PhoneGap for release on app stores.
  • Because of this separation, the root of the Django project is in db/ rather than at the top level of the project.
  • Mustache templates are in the top level folder templates/ , because they are shared between the client and the server .
  • A default Apache2 WSGI configuration is included in conf/

See the Create React App documentation for more information on the available NPM scripts.