Django-admin-interface is a customizable responsive admin interface, based on a modern flat theme, it lets you customize the admin title, logo and colors by the admin itself. Popup windows replaced by modals.

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  • Created: Oct. 26, 2015
  • Last Release: Dec. 2, 2019
  • Last Commit: Dec. 7, 2019

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django-admin-interface is a modern responsive flat admin interface customizable by the admin itself .



  • Beautiful default django-theme
  • Themes management and customization (you can customize admin title, logo and colors )
  • Responsive
  • List filter dropdown (optional)
  • NEW Related modal (instead of the old popup window, optional)
  • NEW Environment name/marker
  • NEW Language chooser
  • Compatibility / Style optimizations for:
    • django-ckeditor
    • django-dynamic-raw-id
    • django-modeltranslation
    • django-tabbed-admin
    • sorl-thumbnail


  • Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8
  • Django 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 3.0


  • Run pip install django-admin-interface
  • Add admin_interface , flat_responsive , flat and colorfield to settings.INSTALLED_APPS before django.contrib.admin
    'flat_responsive', # only if django version < 2.0
    'flat', # only if django version < 1.9
  • Run python migrate
  • Run python collectstatic
  • Restart your application server


  • Run pip install django-admin-interface --upgrade
  • Run python migrate (add --fake-initial if you are upgrading from 0.1.0 version)
  • Run python collectstatic --clear
  • Restart your application server

Optional themes

This package ships with optional themes as fixtures, they can be installed using the loaddata admin command . Optional themes are activated on installation.

Django theme (default):

Run python loaddata admin_interface_theme_django.json

Bootstrap theme:

Run python loaddata admin_interface_theme_bootstrap.json

Foundation theme:

Run python loaddata admin_interface_theme_foundation.json

U.S. Web Design Standards theme:

Run python loaddata admin_interface_theme_uswds.json

Add more themes

You can add a theme you've created through the admin to this repository by sending us a PR . Here are the steps to follow to add :

  1. Export your exact theme as fixture using the dumpdata admin command: python dumpdata admin_interface.Theme --indent 4 -o admin_interface_theme_{{name}}.json --pks=N

  2. Copy the generated json file into the fixtures folder (making sure its name starts with admin_interface_theme_ to avoid clashes with fixtures that might be provided by other third party apps) .

  3. Remove the "pk" from the fixture and make sure the active field is set to true (in this way a theme is automatically activated when installed) .

  4. Edit the section above to document your theme.


Admin login


Admin dashboard


Admin themes management


Admin theme customization



  • I already have a custom base_site.html , how can I make it work?

You can use django-apptemplates , then add {% extends "admin_interface:admin/base_site.html" %} to your base_site.html


Released under MIT License .