Modern theme for Django admin interface.

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  • Created: Feb. 17, 2013
  • Last Release: Oct. 2, 2019
  • Last Commit: Oct. 2, 2019
by darklow

Django Suit

Modern theme for Django admin interface .

Django Suit is alternative theme/skin/extension for Django administration interface.


Docs & Support


Note: Django Suit v2.0 is in active development and not yet ready for production use.

Read more here: Todo: Add issue refernce


See Contributing documentation

Build Status

Django Suit uses Travis CI to perform tests on different Django and Python versions.

Tested using Python: 2.7-3.4 and PyPy. Django: 1.9+ and Django Suit v2.0 alpha:

Build Status - v2 branch Build Status - develop branch


alt: Django Suit Preview :target: